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Monday, 1 September 2014

Free additions

A couple of additions to the garden this week. No, I've not been raiding the 'reduced' shelf at the garden centre! These were totally free as it's the time of year for splitting huge clumps of perennials and finding new homes for the spare bits.
First a friend called round with a hosta. Compared to the ones on offer in garden centres, this is huge! We have such a lot of problems with slugs and snails that I think I'll keep it in the pot, raised slightly on bricks and hide slug pellets underneath.

Then I saw day lily roots being offered on Freecycle - and only a short way down the road, on the way to the allotment. This was huge clump of roots that I didn't think to photograph till I'd planted most of them! This is maybe a third of them. I've spread them out in different places around the garden so hopefully one spot at least will suit them.

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  1. Good idea about the hostas. Mine got decimated this year.