welcome to my little suburban oasis, filled with flowers,fruit trees and vegetables

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

thawing again

had another week of snow and ice - temperatures down to minus ten at nights. water butts have been frozen with icy overflows down the sides. overall the garden is not looking well. discovered some snowdrop bulbs washed down from the rockery by melting snow today - tried to push them back in the ground but an inch or so down it is still frozen!
the brussels look worse than ever - I don't know if they'll crop but they're certainly never going to stand up straight again

found this red cabbage today though - hiding under a green cabbage leaf and looking surprisingly well.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

After the first snow.

Snow and frost went away briefly at the beginning of this week. Leeks have taken a complete battering - though mainly from the really low temperatures, down minus 10 if not lower.

spring broccoli seems to have survived quite well.
chinese cabbage and broad beans are both still under fleece - and will stay that way - but have come through ok.

brussels don't look so good though - and these are supposed to be a winter crop!

lettuce, spinach and small brassicas in the greenhouse were looking ok but we've now got another series of really cold nights, no snow but temperatures forecast to not rise above freezing all week - even in day time. wonder how many plants will survive till Spring.

Friday, 3 December 2010


We've had a bit of snow here this week. It started with a light fall on Saturday but though the roads cleared the garden stayed covered.

Temperatures have been dropping to minus 7, so hubby covered the broad bean row with a cloche and I moved all the cabbage seedlings into the greenhouse - and double lined it with fleece AND put propagator lids over the lettuce and spinach just to be on the safe side.

Then Tuesday evening, more snow fell. And then on Thursday. Friday has been a clear fairly sunny day - though temperatures haven't really got above freezing - but the bigger roads were clear of snow. Then about 9 this evening snow started falling again!

The garden is fast disappearing back under its blanket. Wonder how much there will be to see tomorrow.