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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Picked this week - 14th September

It's been a dry, warm and mainly sunny week, but we seem to have had little time for anything other than pick produce and freeze/pickle/store it.

We've certainly hit the point where we feel there might be too many tomatoes....the loose ones are from the greenhouse at home, and would be enough for salads and some spare,but then there are bags full from the allotment greenhouses!
I'm also starting to feel there could be too many runner beans too.....

Not so many French beans though..

Some late peas - fine on the inside despite their looks - and at last two pods from the blue-flowered peas.

I think we've now reached the end of good full corn cobs but I'm starting to collect the undeveloped ones for use as baby corn in stir-fries

 a single beetroot - so far just lifting them as we want them to eat
 some more onions and a few carrots
 LOTS of squash and pumpkins - I wish it has all been ours. The three larger ones on the right are ours but the others were given to us by an allotment neighbour who had too many.

Lots of cucumbers and courgettes too

with pepper and chillies

more radishes for lunch

not a lot of blackberries now but raspberries are still going strong with the occasional strawberry


  1. You've had a superb harvest. I wish we had an allotment or a larger garden but it is the time as well to tend it.

    1. We'd talked about having one for years but didn't do anything about it till hubby took early semi-retirement. Like any garden, there's always something than needs to be done.