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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Slug damage

The wet weather this summer has been lovely for slugs and snails. Their increased number has meant the loss of a lot of veg from the garden - lettuce has been eaten away; the borlotti and French Blue lake beans that should have climbed up wigwams were nibbled away at ground level. Now the evil creatures have taken to attacking strawberries and even tomatoes! I hope they leave at least something for us.

Picked this week - 26th August 2012

 A bit surprised to have strawberries ripening this late in the season - not sure if the variety should fruit now or earlier . Not many but very nice on my breakfast.
 Blackberries from the 'wild' bit next to the allotment and a few late raspberries/loganberries.

All the lettuce has either been eaten by slugs or run to seed but still have some other rocket and cress leaves to add to homegrown salad.

green peas and broad beans from the allotment, purple-podded (green inside) peas from home

Oops forgot to post this at weekend!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

After the holidays - allotment

 A quick visit to the allotment proved just how out-of-hand things can get in 2 weeks! The runner beans are looking well and the inside of the polytunnel looks like a jungle but almost everywhere else is over-run with weeds! Some serious work with spades and shears needed to restore order.

Picking and catching up after holidays.

little and large of the courgette world
 There are always surprises in store with gardens after an absence for holidays - and mainly they're to do with the strange shapes and sizes of courgettes and cucumbers.

a rather large cucumber...

Tomatoes are starting to ripen.

There were some runner beans ready - and some grown a little too much which will have to be kept for seed.
more kale and some raggy bits of broccoli
thinings from the apple trees

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Picked this week - 7 August 2012

 starting to pick some of the more summery veg at last - two smallish peppers..
 lots of cucumbers - and some courgettes...
...more runner beans and kale