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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Picked this week - 24th August 2014

 Back from holiday to find the allotment overflowing with fruit and veg.
Not so many blackberries but the autumn raspberries and late season strawberries are cropping now which brings back a taste of summer in a wet week.

Quite a bit of rhubarb


and our first plums - though a lot are damaged by maggots!

Lovely peppers from the greenhouse.

 Picking the cabbages small before the caterpillars munch through them

Later pea rows starting to crop

There's no lettuce but fortunately I have some spinach rowing both at the allotment and in the garden

 A handful of french beans - and a big bag of runners

Surprised that I didn't find huge marrow-sized courgettes waiting for me but perhaps the weather has been a little too cool

It hasn't stopped the cucumbers in the poly greenhouse though

or the tomatoes
 I'm very pleased with the crop of yellow poire jaune tomatoes from the 'home' greenhouse
and I wouldn't want to miss this week's flowers
sweet peas, rudbeckias, montbretia and carnations

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