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Sunday, 7 September 2014

September in the garden - flowers

 It's nearly Autumn ....so the sunflowers are flowering at last!

And round their feet the "mini-sunflowers", rudbeckias.

Sadly the really small version, marigolds, have all had their flowers nibbled away - probably by birds.

The 'rescued' fuchsia, now a couple of years old, is flowering well.

 Michaelmas daisies are putting in an early appearance.

 So are kaffir lilies - now, according to a gardening magazine, apparently re-named from schizostylis to hesperantha.

The sweetpeas have picked up with a bit of rain and are putting on a lovely last-minute display

and the antirrhinums are still looking good

 Unlike the montbretia, which is just looking exhausted!

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