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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Snow and after

Like most of the country, last week we had snow. Lots of it, piling up on the windows, and blurring the lawn, flower beds and paths.

It was a bit unexpected as I thought we'd seen the end of winter and were moving into Spring, but it's not unknown at this time of year.

What worried me most was the state of the flowers hidden beneath the snow - while irises held their own against the weather, snowdrops and daffodils 'flopped' over with the cold (minus 6 for a couple of nights), and were then covered by a snow blanket which crushed them to the ground.

At weekend the snow started to melt - and these daffodils weren't looking well. I didn't think there was much hope of them reviving so I pulled a few for vases in the house, and they seemed  to pick up.

 And as the snow retreated, so did most of those outside. Their buds even seem to be opening, so in a few days there should be a 'normal' display of daffodils.

The snowdrops too bounced back, and, strangest of all, crocuses had been growing under the snow, and as it melted they emerged in flower!

I hope we're now finished with dramatic weather and can move gently into spring!

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