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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Picked this week - 28th September 2014

Well, it's been another warm, dry week though not necessarily sunny, and despite a little rain one evening I'm beginning to wish for a good downpour!  
There's certainly no let up in the tomatoes and I'm beginning to wonder what I can do with them all! The freezer is full and I'm running out of space for jars of passata. Still, it's a nice problem to have

Even more surprising is the continued glut of both courgettes and cucumbers.

The larger green ones had grown undisturbed beneath foliage and are rather thick skinned and unappealing.

Another surprise - autumnal peas

runner beans still cropping though not so many - mainly I think due to the dry weather

odd bits of spinach and land cress as wanted for lunch
my own homegrown peppers - very pleased to at last have a red one

another couple of small cabbages - again victims of the weather

the end of the rhubarb
but raspberries are still going strong with occasional strawberries and blackberries

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  1. What a harvest! You have had an abundant crop this year. I wish we had a bit more space in the garden for a small veg patch but the problem for us it all comes on when we're on holiday.