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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Picked this week - 31st August 2014

 It's been one of those busy weeks when all we seem to have had time for at the allotment is to keep pace with everything that needs to be picked! Nice but tiring, and meanwhile the weeds grow...

Started in on the sweetcorn harvest and if they're all as good as this one, we'll have plenty.

a couple of large beetroot and small turnips

LOTS of tomatoes. Two bagfuls from the allotment and a mix of cherry, poire jaune and 'normal' salad tomatoes from the home greenhouse

spinach from both garden or allotment though no large amount from either

 the occasional handful of peas
 A carrier bag of runner beans
 and a smaller bagful a few days later

 some welcome radishes from an early August sowing

 good sized peppers though I'm not leaving them to ripen on the plants

a variety of odd-sized courgettes and cucumbers

 and plenty of fruit - blackberries, strawberries and autumn raspberries, apples which have had to be picked to save the trees branches and a lot of plums. We've now cleared all of these from the tree and sadly there's rather oo many with grubs in them.

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