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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

May Flowers

Apple blossom

Self-set rocket already in flower

Clematis montana

ornamental cherry
I've cheated slightly with this month's flower round up. Yesterday was a rare  sunny day in-between
weeks of rain, so I took the photos then.

Today, things are looking damp again. 

Angelique tulip


Whitebells and honesty

Appeldoorn tulip

More appleblossom


  1. I love that Angelique tulip. We have some like your red ones. We also have some that we thought were the Black Velvet ones but now they're opening up they're definitely orange, pretty but not what we were expecting.

  2. I'm curious how something can turn out so differently to what was expected - packed in the wrong packaging maybe? Of all the tulips I've tried to grow, the Appeldoorns are the only ones that have grown and spread. They flower regularly each year, unlike the others which seem to need recovery time between flowers - so this year I have pale Angeliques and next year will have the plum coloured ones that were bought to go with them. I wish I could find the same reliability as the reds but in a different colour!