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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Extreme Weather

A fortnight ago, we were forecast night-time temperatures of 1c - I don't know if they really dropped that low but I was taking no chances with my just-planted-out-in-greenhouse cucumber so added a layer of cardboard to the fleece for insulation.
This time last week we had heavy downpours and hail, and the baby peppers were still having to be molly-coddled with overnight temperatures down to 4 degrees.

This week temperatures have soared. It is hot! 26 or so in the afternoon and too hot to think!
I'm having to leave the greenhouse door open to keep it cool and even so the plants are keeling over during the daytime.
Next week? Who knows?


  1. My garden is in a sorry state having started out this year with high hopes!
    Thanks for following Planet Penny, Mary!

    1. I love finding and following anything 'crafty'. I'm looking forward to reading it.