welcome to my little suburban oasis, filled with flowers,fruit trees and vegetables

Friday, 11 May 2012

Just When I thought it was safe to go in the garden......

 .....there's more purple broccoli.

I'm hoping to be able to clear the plants out soon but not until they've finished cropping.
I have decided that they look attractive enough to grow some next year in among flowers.

 Anyway, we also have a slight variation in our diet - a lovely mix of red and green salad leaves

 and some rather small cauliflowers


  1. Lovely. We spent yesterday at Malvern Garden Show and have bought lots of lovely flowers. We did get four asparagus spikes but that's all so far.

    1. I've never tried asparagus. The allotment holder next to us has dozens of plants. I don't know if he eats it all himself or swaps it 'Goode Life' style with his neighbours.

  2. you eat so healthy, beautiful veggies!

  3. You should grow artichokes. The plants look incredible and the vegetable is delicious

  4. I obviously don't get out and about enough - I've never tried artichokes either! They'd certainly look good in my new ornamental veg garden.