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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Something different for dinner...

 As usual, we've lots of purple broccoli to pick - and some green bits that are actually the tops of cabbages and brussels running to seed, but, at last something new for dinner -  a small cauliflower and the first of this year's radishes!!


  1. Lovely, I found some self seeded rocket peeping out from under a fishbox in the greenhouse- I'd piled them up ready to relocate the compost & it hung on in there ;) There's some Siberian kale gone to beautiful flower in the croft garden - I had it all over my garden fro a few yrs, this yr, none. Otherwise I'm still tackling last yrs moss & weeds!

    1. I've small patches of self-seeded rocket and mixed salad leaves springing up in the garden - not necessarily where they grew last year! I tried to pick some at lunch but we've had dreadful lashing wind and rain today, so I gave up!