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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

One day of sunshine

Yesterday we had a brief interlude of sunshine, so we hurried off to the allotment to put up the plastic tomato house and plant out some straggly tomato plants - 4 moneymakers and 2 gardener's delights. we've since checked the weather forecast for the week ahead and apparently Saturday night's temperature could drop to 1!! Those  tomatoes will need several extra layers of fleece!

 I also started clipping some of the grass on the paths, though it was still wet, and lifted a couple of leeks. It hadn't dried out enough to do any digging - everywhere is soaked from all the rain but at least we don't have standing water on the plot, as some have.
Back home, I made the most of the sunshine by sowing seed - sweetcorn, more courgettes, an extra cucumber, red onion and rhubarb. Rhubarb seems an odd thing to grow from seed but we've had a lot of bad luck with purchased roots, so I'm hoping this is a good, even if slower, way to get more plants.

Today we're back to rain.

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  1. you will be eating well this summer! Thats very cool, wow, its not that low at night here now, wow, hope everything lives through the cold,