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Tuesday, 28 April 2015


 A brief Twitter conversation this afternoon led me to realise that I haven't posted any pics of the honesty running riot all round the garden! I've been too busy looking up in the air at appleblossom or the ornamental cherry bursting into flowers, and ignored this almost weed-like plant.

That ability to seed as well as a weed is one of the things I love about it. Hardly any effort required! I just leave the seedpods alone - apart from a few that I bring inside over-winter to fill vases - and let nature do the rest.

It takes two years to grow to flowering stage, so round the bases of these second year plants there'll be small seedlings starting to grow.
Some years there'll be lots of flowers - this year the plants almost encircle the lawn - others not so many.

Another thing I love is that they hide the dying-back daffodils so I can just snip the dead heads off and leave the rest to die back naturally.

By the time the honesty has finished flowering, aquilegias and poppies will distract the eye...

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