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Monday, 27 April 2015

Bad weather coming ....

 It's been a lovely, mainly sunny week with temperatures getting up to 17 or so during the day and not dropping too low at night.

One of the apple trees is in full blossom, the 'bell' flowers, in pink, white and the occasional blue are out

 Forget-me-nots are spreading over the vegetable patches

There are tulips in stunning red..

and subdued pale pink...


at the back of this photo is a weather warning.....ornamental cherry in blossom. I don't know what specific variety this tree is but it flowers a little later than most and generally marks a down-turn in the weather. For years I've waited for it to flower only to see the blossom dashed within a day or two as the weather changes

Tonight the temperature is forecast to drop to 2 degrees (though one report suggested minus1!) and the week ahead is set to be wet. Well, the blossom was lovely while it lasted, even if only for today.

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