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Monday, 13 April 2015

Away for a few days

 We were away for three days last week, and the changes that have taken place in the garden in that time have me stunned.

 The most noticeable is the huge wild cherry which although outside the garden forms the backdrop to it When we went away there were only a couple of buds opening - now, after some gorgeous sunshine, it's in full flower.

On the inside -the flowering currant has leaves as well as blossom and is hiding the fence nicely.

Lots of new flowers have opened - wallflowers, forget me nots, pansies, dwarf Red Riding Hood tulips with tall Appeldoorn tulips just waiting for one more day of sun.

 The peach tree is now covered in blossom - so hopefully we'll have home grown peaches in summer

 In the greenhouse, a handful of tiny seedlings have grown into ready-to-pick salads

and even the rhubarb has put on a spurt of growth.

The weeds have been springing up too, and I spent Sunday morning trying to clear the paths of sticky-bud, unwanted forget me nots, sycamore seedlings and baby nettles.  So far I've left the self spread strawberries in place but even though I'd like to keep them the path isn't a good place for them.

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