welcome to my little suburban oasis, filled with flowers,fruit trees and vegetables

Monday, 4 May 2015

May flowers

 It's not been the best week -or bank holiday - weather-wise but the rain has kept the garden growing and although much colder than a fortnight ago there hasn't been enough frost to cause a problem.
There hasn't been much wind either so the cherry blossom is still hanging on and looking lovely.

Under the cherry tree, I have kerria japonica and honesty flowers clashing colours,

and, mostly hidden by them, the first flowers on Solomon's seal

 The other side of the lawn has a group of bright red tulips,

more honesty,

and whitebells

The veg patch borders are covered in forget-me-nots

and the fences are covered by leaves on raspberries, flowering currants and 'real' currants, and montana clematis which isn't quite flowering yet

Underneath, bluebells are hiding. I've tried to plant them in shady spots similar to their natural habitats - so under currant bushes, next to large flopping plants or in shade cast by buildings

One apple tree is still in full flower, though another is only in bud.

First signs of lily of the valley.


  1. The cherry blossom in our street is piled up like confetti after a dayful of weddings.

  2. You have flowers everywhere, very pretty.