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Sunday, 25 September 2011

picked this week

We've been busy again picking allotment produce before threatened snow for next month (!), though I've read today that there will be a heat-wave over the next couple of weeks so presumably the weather men have changed their minds!

anyway, have picked LOTS of tomatoes - green and red

the runner beans have been damaged a bit by wind but we're still getting enough for dinners from them, just not such an enormous surplus to freeze
picked the first of the cobra beans - a shiny black bean to dry - along with more borlottis and tendergreen french
our first red cabbage - not very large but I decided it was time for pickled cabbage

pulled some Italian radishes - wasn't very sure how long to let them grow. Some are very strong in taste and give quite a kick to salads

this is the total of my red onions from the garden, but I'm really pleased with them - possibly my best crop of them ever!


  1. beautiful haul,, yikes to the snow,, my son lives just a couple hours north from here and they have had snow already,, thats scary.I'm not ready for winter,, Autumn yes but not Winter.The days are shorter though its dark at 8 pm now ,, thats s sign for sure,, have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing your bounty if only in photos, ha ha,,I have never dried my own beans,, my mum and grandmother did but I have never,, thats very interesting,, how do you dry them I wonder.I will look that up,

  2. I've heard people talking about snow up in Scotland already. I wouldn't be surprised by frost any time now but don't expect any snow in normal circumstances till November 17th - my mother's birthday, for which there's generally snow. It doesn't usually last but last year was weird and very cold and I'm hoping it won't be again.