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Sunday, 11 September 2011

picked this week - stocking up for winter

An absolutely crazy week of picking things at the allotment and freezing or storing them. Now have a freezer almost full of runner beans, courgettes and blackberries! (and a lot of overgrown courgettes have gone into chutney) Now have quite a hoard of borlotti beans, broad beans and peas drying on my kitchen windowsill - some are for dinners and some are for next year's seed. There are 4 spare cabbages hanging in the garage - not sure how well they'll keep as the weather is still quite warm. Lifted all the onions but they haven't grown very large so may just end up pickled.

Meanwhile have picked - and eaten - some small untidy cauliflowers, more running-to-seed lettuce, spinach leaves, french beans from some of the later-set plants, tomatoes and both long green and round yellow cucumbers.

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