welcome to my little suburban oasis, filled with flowers,fruit trees and vegetables

Sunday, 18 September 2011

picked this week

lots of usual suspects - runner, french and borlotti beans, beetroot, carrots, lettuce leaves.

discovered some long thin white radish among a sowing of mixed type radishes. I expected it to be very strong in taste but it was rather mild.

still picking lots of cucumbers - both long green and these strange yellow ones. have picked the first pepper - but it seems to be turning purple as it ripens!

rather pleased at this time of year to still be able to pick a plate of salad from the garden/allotment. the tomatoes are tiny gartenperle variety and some have grown in a hanging basket.
the far larger beefsteak tomatoes are ripening well but we're picking lots of all sorts while still green before they're damaged by weather or blight.


  1. sounds to me you're eating very well from the fruits of your work.Very unusual cucumbers,, I was wondering if they were green before turning yellow.We always leave cucumbers in the garden to ripen then make a sweet yellow pickle from them,,with tumerick and spices,,

  2. The puzzle is - we eat so much home-produced veg, why isn't the grocery bill less? Yes, very strange cucumbers - called Crystal Lemon. They start out a pale lemony-green and ripen to the yellow/orange shade. They're nice and juicy at the moment but easily over-ripen and have too many seeds. The skin is also quite tough so I always peel them.