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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

picked this week - well, last week really

Losing track of what day it is which is why this post is late.
Mainly clearing up after the holidays still - lots and lots of runner beans, enormous beetroot, lettuce that is running to seed and courgettes that need keeping in order to stop them growing into marrows. Starting to pick some of the borlottis and blue lake french beans for the beans rather than the pods, Also have the last peas from early rows and broad beans drying - either for eating or for seed, depends how many look edible. Lifting potatoes and carrots as we want them and had to clear out some cabbage that was ready to burst.
Very pleased to have strawberries fruiting again - they've not fruited continuously but in two distinct phases - not many ripening though as there's not much sunshine at the moment. Slugs are being kept down by a frog - saw him (her?) quite clearly one evening just after returning from holiday, now about the size of my hand. Also have a wren living close to ground in shrubs near the kitchen and flying out when least expected.

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