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Sunday, 2 October 2011

picked this week

We've had an absolutely scorching week, temperature in high 20s, very strange for the time of year.
At least it means the later runner beans have a chance to crop and the pumpkins to grow.
More runner beans this week than last.
Lots of tomatoes though I've found the first signs of blight at the allotment

What will be the last of our cabbages for a while. The next row won't be ready for a few weeks, though the weather may confuse them.

A totally mixed up bowl of autumn broccoli, french beans, semi-wild blackberries and autumn raspberries

Italian radish growing well, picking them slighter larger at the size of a small finger carrot.

The pods and plants are covered in mildew but at least the peas inside are ok.

We've ended up with too many needing to be picked at the same time (what's new?)
Some should have stood till winter but have flower buds developing so need to be lifted now.

Borlotti and Tendergreen french beans ready for drying. Hopefully they, at least, like this late burst of summer.

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  1. wonderful photos! Looks and sounds by your words that the whisper of Auntumn is in the air as well, although the temps don't suggest it, the plants dying down is a dead give away.