welcome to my little suburban oasis, filled with flowers,fruit trees and vegetables

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Herding cats

strawberry on the patio
Sometimes keeping the garden in order feels a bad as herding cats!
dog violet and welsh poppy
forget-me-nots, which will grow anywhere
The grass prefers to grow in the flower beds, the flowers to spread into the veg patch and lawn -I collected a vase full of forget-me-nots last week before the lawn was cut! - and anything seems to think the paths and patio are great places to grow.

Sycamore seedpod helicopters float over the fence in autumn and in Spring dozens of tiny trees try to grow. Aquilegia, welsh poppies and foxgloves seed readily anywhere. Herbs like oregano and lemon balm spread everywhere,and I even found lamb's lettuces and strawberries growing between the gaps of the patio slabs. Sometimes it seems a pretty effect, sometimes it's just a nuisance.


  1. Funny how seeds grow in cement my driveway has many things growing some I leave some I pull up.

    1. Sometimes they seem to grow happier in concrete, or anywhere you DON'T want them to grow, than in proper flower beds!