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Friday, 22 May 2015

Poppies and Aquilegias

 It starts to feel like summer when the poppies flower. The small yellow welsh poppies have bee around for a week or two but today the first large pink oriental poppy opened.

 Elsewhere the garden is filling with aquilegias - I love these because they self-set and spring up in unexpected places and unexpected colours year after year. The original ones were all pink but now they come in all sorts of shades from dark purple through to pale, almost-white - this year though I haven't spotted any deep magenta but not to worry they'll probably turn up again next summer

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  1. I so much like aquilegias. I also like California Poppies. However . . . I had them at the front of the house and they kept lurching over the pavement and getting in the way because they leant so much towards the sun. Gradually they self-seeded themselves so far forward that I had to take them away in the expectation of starting again. Failure. At present I have some tiny seedlings and look jealously at other people's gardens where California Poppies are already and abundantly in flower.