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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

February in the garden - flowers

At first glance the garden isn't looking to exciting this month but look closely and the signs of Spring are there.

Snowdrops are waiting to burst into flower any day now with some more sunshine.

The first crocus are peeping through the weeds

The polyanthus have flowered well for most of winter

though something, possibly birds though could be mice, has been eating this pink one.

another all-winter flowerer, the winter jasmine is starting to look bedraggled

as is the hollyhock. I'm hoping this will survive any cold weather still to come and grow to the upstairs windows in summer.

and the oriental poppy is trying, again!, to flower.

More usual signs of Spring are the first flowers on the bergenia
buds on wallflowers

and a solitary pansy

Spring definitely feels like it's on the way - though Groundhog Day/ Candlemas was sunny bright so we should be in for more wintery weather yet.

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  1. The new growth holds a sign of spring to come.