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Friday, 14 February 2014

A bit of added encouragement

 I've now got so many rhubarb roots that I thought I'd have a go at forcing some for an early crop. Of course, I haven't got a proper forcing pot but I do have some broken terracotta plant-pots, which turned upside down should work almost as well. (I hope) If the rhubarb grows too tall, I shall swap the plant-pot for the old chimney pot just visible at the back of the photo, but first it has to grow.

Up till recently the weather's been quite mild and  last year's nasturtiums are still clinging on to life in this wall basket. As it's dropped a bit colder now, I thought I'd protect them with bubble wrap. It seems such a shame to lose them this close to Spring. Hopefully this will give them that little bit of warmth that could make all the difference.

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