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Saturday, 8 February 2014

A week of contrasts

Despite sunny weather over the weekend, and a bright ill-omened Groundhog Day, this was the appalling sight that met us at the allotment on Monday. Fortunately once we'd diverted round by another path, our plot was comparatively dry. Hubby got a little digging done and set some Sparkler radish under a cold frame while I went round picking broccoli, brussels, spinach and radishes. As we were leaving, I spotted some rhubarb roots being offered free to good homes, so we now have two more. Can't have too much rhubarb!
At home, in Tuesday's sunshine, I started to clear the garden - lots of dead stalks needed to be tidied up to let the snowdrops through and a small area of the veg patch dug and weeded ready for sowing, though that probably won't be till next month.
After that the weather turned wet though I did manage some brief pottering around on Friday which was cold but dry. Clearing up at home has had to stop for a while as the compost bin is full again! When it's decomposed for a while, I'll carry on with the weeding.


  1. The weather is awful, I know we need rain but not so much in one go! Good luck with the allotment and garden :)

  2. But rain is mostly good.