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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Spring Equinox - 2013

 Today is supposed to be the first day  of Spring but it doesn't really feel like it. Snow fell again today and night-time temperatures could drop to minus 3!

I still have a garden full of snowdrops with just one brave daffodil trying to flower and a few crocuses.

 there are barely any flowers on the forsythia.....

..and, although it is trying to grow, last week the rhubarb got frosted!

 I still have windowsills and the porch work surface covered in seedlings - lettuce on the left and spinach on the right.

 winter salad leaves in the kitchen

and some baby rhubarb
 On a brighter note - I have a window full of cyclamen

and a flower bud on an over-wintering chilli plant.

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