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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Crossing fingers and hoping for Spring...

I have lots of small seedlings - tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers - up and growing on windowsills around the house and a porch full of harder stuff - cabbages, onions, sweet peas.  All of these were set back in February when I expected Spring to take its normal course and I'd be able to move the more hardy out to the greenhouse by now but frosts have returned, anything that can be moved back in the house has been and we're desperate fro some milder weather.
Still, I'm crossing my fingers that now we're at the equinox, the weather must turn and so I spent yesterday afternoon sowing courgettes and more peppers. With the heating still on full blast, they'll get off to a nice warm start in their propagator in the airing cupboard and hopefully by the time the shoots appear I'll have windowsill space for them.

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