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Friday, 8 March 2013

Sowing time

In last week's sunshine we got lots of seed set down at the allotment - peas, broad beans, carrots and beetroot under plastic. This week, which isn't so pleasant, I've concentrated on the garden - that way I can go back inside for coffee when I get too cold :)

I dug over one of the wedges of my veg patch with the intent of sowing early peas there.
On the left are clumps of American land cress and on the right, winter onions, with flowers here and there among them.

I had some homegrown seed in a pot clearly marked as peas but hubby doesn't believe the label so won't set them at the allotment. They look particularly odd in the photo as they've been soaked then rolled in chilli powder to deter mice! Anyway I'm hoping they grow nicely and I soon have peas for dinner!
Fingers crossed.

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