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Monday, 18 March 2013

Picked this week 17th March 2013

Despite the snow and freezing nights, we managed to get to the allotment to visit our new patch and even harvest something from the old one.

 a couple of leeks, though we're nearing the end of the row.....

..and some leaves from the running-to-seed brussels sprouts. There haven't been any sprouts at all this year. The early plants got washed away in August's rain and the later ones didn't grow quickly enough and are now running straight to seed.


  1. I bet there's more taste and goodness in those leaves than in the supermarket sprouts. Our tomato seedlings are growing bravely and the broad beans will be going in soon. Long time til harvest though.

    1. My tomato seedlings are filling the wIndowsills. Hope for some better weather soon.

  2. Oh joy, real veg. (I'm a rubbish gardener, so admire anyone who can get anything beyond the seed-stage.)