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Monday, 24 September 2012

Picked this week - 24th September 2012

 Considering the way Autumn is advancing I'm a little surprised at how much we seem to have picked this week.
A mini-glut of cucumbers and a couple of chillies starting to ripen.

Some runner beans - less this week but still enough for dinners

French beans too - they're cropping more this week.
A few peas  and quite a bit of red oakleaf lettuce and American Land Cress which has self set at the allotment in a row of beetroot!

Some tomatoes - mostly picked green in case the night time temperatures drop low enough for frost

A strange pepper or chilli or something. The one at the top is a cayenne pepper and I thought the lower one was a jalapeno chilli but it's grown rather large and doesn't seem very hot from my cautious testing. 

 A red cabbage that had been ignored and started to burst open so now won't keep well.

The sweetcorn hasn't been a great success and I don't think we'll get real cobs from it now so I'm going to pull them as mini corn for stir fries

Lastly a couple of beetroot and the first parsnip of the year. I'm just hoping not all of them are going to fall into the 'comedy veg' category!


  1. Sweet corn does seem to be a very hit-and-miss plant in gardens. Yet farmers manage field and fields of maze. I'm wondering how they manage it.

    1. I wonder if they have grow different varieties. We were looking at catalogues for next year's seed potatoes and realised you can't buy Wilja or Marafona which commercial growers set.