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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

In between the rain...

 Managed to pull in a quick visit to the allotment before another band of rain washed over us yesterday.

Mainly wanted to check on runner beans and blackberries but managed to find radishes, broccoli, rhubarb, kale and a pumpkin as  well.

It's unbelievable that hardly more than a week ago I was having to water these brassicas in! 

I'm hoping some good weather will return and help my late french beans and peas grow.

Also I could do with some dry weather to harvest seed from these over-grown spinach plants.


  1. amazing how things can change in a week.Do you have a shed on your allotment, I would love to have a little hut on one to get away!!

    1. We're greedy and have 2!! The first was for practical stuff - spades, netting, bean posts and such. Then a neighbour asked if we had use for an old shed and we thought it would be nice to have somewhere to sit in between digging and picking. We got the shed up and ever since have been plagued by rain so haven't used it.