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Monday, 10 September 2012

Picked this week - 10th September 2012

Lovely sunshine all week and lots of harvesting to do at the allotment.
The beetroot aren't very large and there aren't many this year -  I think some of the seed just got washed away by heavy rain!

LOTS of blackberries in the thorny 'waste' patch

Lots of runner beans too this week - though I'm a bit worried by the signs of wind damage.

A few peas from the later row - and I cleared out the Maro peas for drying.

All potatoes now lifted, stored in bags and boxes under the stairs and in the porch. They've not been brilliant - too wet at the wrong time  - but ours have done better than others' at the allotments. This year it was good to have the highest plot with reasonable drainage.


  1. I think it must be wonderful to have an allotment, we always had the farm and were lucky for it but in such places where its so urban these allotments are wonderful!You must enjoy this so much, it shows in your words, it truly does,

    1. We're trying to turn it into a little bit of garden away from home. We've got a second shed which is to be more of a resting place than tool store - I just don't find time to go there and just sit! Sadly rumour has it that a lot of people plan to give up their allotments after this year's atrocious growing season. Some areas were under a couple of feet of water at one point!

  2. Doesn't really matter how many potatoes you do get, I think. They'll tasted wonderful, unlike anything you get in the supermarket.

    1. Sadly not all of them have been nice - some were too rotten to salvage anything. crossing my fingers now that what's left will keep.