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Monday, 17 October 2011

picked this week

We've been making the most of the continuing warm weather but frost is forecast for this week, so now starting to lift things for storage.

a mixed tray of all sorts from the allotment - including a small butternut squash, too many cucumbers and the long thinItalian radish which are growing a lot better than the 'normal' ones set at the same time

we've started to lift some parsnips as we want them despite the lack of frost but this batch of leeks is done now. Hopefully the smaller ones will grow for a while yet.

a very pretty bunch of 'wild' tomatoes - these are some of the self-set ones which were growing crazily in the polytunnel and had to be moved outside. The fruits aren't very large, probably Gardeners Delight, but the quantity of them is making up for that.

more baby aubergines

and ALL of our pumpkins/squashes - these haven't done as well this year. Previously they've done best when growing among the runner beans but unfortunately the ones set with the bean row this year didn't grow at all.


  1. What are you planning to make with the aubergines?

  2. They usually just end up thrown in anything involving tomatoes - pasta sauces, lasagne, moussaka. They're the baby sized ones, so don't go very far but I also have to 'hide' them from the teen who isn't keen. I've a recipe for Tunisian aubergines - yes, with tomatoes - but with raisins and N African spices which is very nice. I should make that again while I have home grown aubergines...

  3. BTW those Italian radishes are definitely too 'hot' if left to grow for too long. Something to pick when young and tender...