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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Saving seed

We're finding this year with an allotment to plant up that we're buying far more seed. There's only so much to be found in sales and cut price stores so I'm thinking we need to try and save more of our own.

Alongside 'normal' things such as peas (a bit blurred), sweetpeas and broad beans, we're trying some broccoli that accidentally got carried away and ran to seed and rocket which is perfectly capable of self- setting in areas it isn't wanted.

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  1. we always had good luck with seed saving,, one way of securing a selection you know is delicous and prosperous.,, we had best luck saving tomato, cucumber, squash, carrot, and bean, good luck! Seasons winding down isn'nt it.Even with your gardens there, fall is whispering at our heels here,