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Sunday, 14 August 2011

picked this week

an exotic feel to this week's harvest - crystal lemon cucumber, the first baby aubergine and ripe tomato, sugar snap peas (from the allotment so NOT eaten straight from the plant) and yet another courgette!
We've so many courgettes, that they've been turned into jam and chutney, grated for muffins, roasted, added to curries and pasta - and I've still frozen loads.

Also busy freezing runner beans - this is one morning's picking - and blackberries from the side of the allotment.

Add Image Thinned the branches and fruit on the apple tree this week, so I've a basket of smallish apples.


  1. Your crop looks wonderful. Our courgettes are too watery this year. They've no flavour at all. Our runner beans are, as usual, in full glut. I'm looking like a runner bean already! I'm not so keen on frozen ones. I find they lose a lot of their taste. I've just found a recipe where you flash fry them after cooking in some curry type spices. Worth a try?

  2. Frozen runners are a staple winter veg for the Teen! She doesn't eat cabbage, turnips, parsnips....
    We're getting to the point where we really need to vary how we eat the beans, so, yes, that sounds worth trying.