welcome to my little suburban oasis, filled with flowers,fruit trees and vegetables

Sunday, 7 August 2011

picked this week

busy, busy times merely getting the picking done!

Cucumbers have started cropping this week - several from each plant. I think the normal cucumbers are marketmore, the strange round one is crystal lemon.

Courgettes are getting out of hand - these are one day's worth. So we've decided to lift one of the polytunnel plants to make room for everything else and to take the cold frame off the ones in the garden and put it over some small flowering pepper plants.

The cheap packet of mixed type radish is starting to crop. The cream ones that look like turnips are surprisingly milder than the red.

picked a couple more cabbages this week
some lettuce

more peas - the tall Aldermans are now cropping though not many yet
have finished picking broad beans for now - we've left a couple of pods on each plant to dry. Some for next year's seed, some to eat over winter hopefully.
french beans and now runner beans - another glut may be on the way

still picking enough alpine strawberries to top my breakfast and some of the other plants are flowering again - so they are perpetual fruiters and hopefully will fruit soon.


  1. lovely vegies, do ever have trouble with worms in your radish,, we have had trouble with this,, they get to eat more than we do,

  2. generally we have more trouble with slugs. We've had summers before now when the patio has been covered with slugs and snails in the evening - we've thrown salt on them and swept them up by the shovel load in the morning. It's something to be said for the couple of cold winters we've had - a lot less slugs and snails!