welcome to my little suburban oasis, filled with flowers,fruit trees and vegetables

Sunday, 17 July 2011

picked this week

a nice dry week ending in a totally wet Saturday! Still produce is growing well. We've lifted all sorts of goodies this week.

still picking alpine strawberries, a small amount of raspberries and the first blueberries - the birds have got their eyes on these.

lifted beetroot from the allotment and leeks from the garden

picked masses of broad beans and the first of the french beans

started lifting allotment potatoes and more cabbage

quite a good iceberg lettuce and lots of bits of a red iceberg

and another batch of beetroot - possibly the largest we've ever grown


  1. wow,, wonderful a bit sad though, all this harvest means summer is drawing in,, fall will be here before we know it and we just got summer here!!Lovely looking veg, your allotment is really paying off in spades,,( lol)!

  2. oh i also meant to say,, if all is in flower on the listto the righ,t it must be glorious in your garden!

  3. We wondered before we took on the allotment, whether it would pay us back for the rent. I'm not sure if it is doing but there's an enormous extra amount of produce from it. We've hit a gap without peas which is a shame - so better planning needed next year.
    Don't mention Fall or Autumn - today we had heavy rain and more is forecast for the coming week. It's too easy to start thinking that any sunny day will be the last one of summer - I hope that's not yet.
    I've checked the flowering list and going to change it slightly. The roses have finished - they're an old rambler type - and the foxgloves are straggly. Today everything is flopped over paths by the rain - I hope they'll straighten up as they dry out.

  4. Oh yum!!! There is nothing better than your own homegrown lusciousness!