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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

fruit - this year's and last years

Two of the home trees and the allotment pear are heavy with fruit, so I've been thinning it out a bit. The only allotment apple has cramped small fruit, so I've taken some off that as well. Not necessary to do anything to the plum tree as there's only 3 plums!
Going to try and do something useful with it all though not sure what.

Meanwhile we've reached the very end of last year's apples. There were half a dozen or so, very soft wrinkly apples left - no good for eating, too small to peel, so sliced and semi-dried to add to breakfast.
These were our apples from the large pippin tree but we had lots from elsewhere in Autumn.

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  1. we asways managed to keep apples in our root cellar through the year and these wrinklies look very familar,,