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Tuesday, 7 July 2009


I am trying out a new variety of tomato this year - gartenperle, a very small plant suitable for baskets. I have 2 semi-circular baskets,each with 2 tomato plants, nasturtiums and tagetes-which should help keep whitefly at bay- fastened to a trellis support. in the very hot weather last week they were drying out and flagging, but since the rains have come they are looking much better and full of flower

baskets full of tomatoes,nasturtiums and tagetes

most of the other tomatoes are doing well though one, a small unstaked bush variety, got very battered by the rain- now tied up, it is improving. I have started to remove some of the leaves, all sideshoots on tall varieties and some side shoots of bush varieties to encourage early cropping and also to reduce the possibility of blight.

a shirley tomato

the shirley tomatoes are the most advanced as they were originally planted inside a small plastic greenhouse which has now been removed.

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