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Wednesday, 15 July 2009


we've set a variety of pumpkins this year and most are growing really well. the notable exception is the Hundredweight type which is one of the few being grown from purchased seed - the others are mainly seed from pumpkins and squash bought for dinner. some of them,the squashes such as the Red Kabocha, are making bush-like plants with signs of round fruit on them. the pumpkin types are growing madly, trailing along the garden,up peas,beans and their supports.

a big halloween pumpkin growing up the mangetout peas
they tend to have less signs of fruit yet.the one in the runner beans is about 9' long- going up and then along the wires between the bean sticks. the one growing up the mangetout peas wasn't doing well till I put an upturned wire hanging basket over it - I expected it just to grow over and around the basket but it found its way into the peas and shot off into the sky.

2 sisters - pumpkin and corn

have planted the pumpkins and squash with beans, corn and/peas - all are doing equally well. the best plants, though, have come from home grown seed - originally,3 years ago I think, a Halloween pumpkin bought in Norfolk.

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