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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

planting out

winter cabbage tucked in by the peas

had some winter cabbage getting in desperate need of a permanent home. unfortunately, in a way, the feltham first peas wouldn't finish fruiting and this was the space we'd planned to put these cabbage into. the small space between the peas and path has had radish in - these haven't done very well, mainly due to the mini heatwave and lack of rain(have some sown later that are growing well in this week's rain). so, we outed the radish and tucked the cabbage in. when the peas eventually finish, instead of ripping the whole plant out, we will just cut off the tops - this won't disrupt the cabbage and also will help fix nitrogen in the soil. have put plastic bottle collars round the plants to keep the pigeons off.

also planted out some lettuce in the gap that garlic has been lifted from. a lot of these seedlings have been eaten away by slugs/snails which have turned up since the mini-heatwave.

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