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Saturday, 4 July 2009

peas now,beans soon

busy picking peas again. now have feltham first,rondo and aldermans all cropping together - a bit surprised at them doing so well through the heat of last week. have a small number of late-set rondos coming through. these haven't germinated well at all, so we have now finished up the packet.
have very small beans setting , both french and runner, so hopefully not long till we can eat them.
discovered some cauliflowers at the back of the garden. I know this sounds foolish( after all, we must have planted them) but, although the brassicas start out with labels, they tend to lose them somehow and at planting-out size it isn't easy to tell them apart.
also have some good heads of green magic broccoli developing - daughter not impressed after the last glut of broccoli.

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