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Friday, 12 June 2009

weeds or flowers?

spent the last couple of days clearing some "weeds" out of the vegetable patch. every year we end up with a lot of self-set flowers appearing there - foxglove , aquilegias, feverfew, welsh poppies and love-in -a- mist are the main culprits. the germination rate seems to be helped by passing through the compost bin.
aquilegia,lavender and a blueberry bush

I used to dislike lifting perfectly good flowers just to throw onto the compost heap - and neighbours soon end up with enough of their own - but I now offer them on Freecycle and find new homes for them.

love-in-a-mist and welsh poppies by the cold frame

some are left at the path edges to add some colour and also to attract bees but they could far too easily take over as in newly turned ground they grow much quicker than deliberately planted veg seed.

welsh poppies and cabbage

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