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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

leeks and rain

as I've already said,we were given some leeks to replace those dug up by the cat. as we are trying bio-dynamic gardening this year, they had to wait and be planted out yesterday - a leaf day- and today, thanks to the rain, they've had a really good watering-in.
I find the whole thing of planting according to star signs and the moon a little bit "new-age"and un-scientific but it does appear to be giving us better crops. it could,of course, be any of a number of other factors - the hard winter seems to have reduced pests, there were no late frosts to damage or slow early plants, my newly retired husband has more time to spend gardening (and this includes getting more compost onto the veg patch) but for now I'll keep following it. I'm picking up the star sign information from a web-site The Gardener's Calendar which explains it all and tells you what to plant and when.

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