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Friday, 19 June 2009


greenfly on the rondo peas so out with the soapy garlic spray again.
we are growing 5 different types of pea this year -really early meteor, feltham first,alderman,rondo and delikett(a mangetout type) at the moment the bugs are mainly on the rondo peas - the others aren't affected .
meteor didn't germinate well so we only had 4/5 plants
feltham first are doing well.have now started cropping with lots more to come.
alderman are a tall pea -now at 6'- and a perpetual cropper so once they start(soon I think) they should carry on all summer
rondo bad germination but those that have grown are doing well(till the greenfly), flowering now
delikett- another tall pea growing up a wigwam about 4/5'.lots of sugar snap peas.I wander outside and snack on these straight from the plant

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