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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Finding the path....

 Here hiding under the flowers are my garden paths - the main ones are slabbed with the blunt edging softened by foliage; the smaller ones are made of bricks, though mainly hidden under forget-me-nots.

I like them like this with all the hard edges well hidden but on a wet day it isn't necessarily very pleasant to walk through dripping plants and if I don't keep an eye on things the paths might disappear completely so I've had a bit of a clear up.

path? what path?

Some of the aquilegias had been knocked down by wind - or maybe the dog - so I brought a few inside, but as the forget-me-nots get taller and stragglier there's nothing much to be done except pull them out

the step from patio to lawn,soon to be hidden by foliage

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