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Saturday, 20 June 2015

Coming up roses

 My rambling rose which used to twine along a fence dividing the flower beds from veg patch is being re-trained. When we first got an allotment, I decided to cut down on the vegetables grown at home so removed the fence which had split the garden in two. I tried to move the roses but the roots were too deep. A small root lifted and I planted this on an outer fence where it's getting established and has a couple of flowers this year. But the main plant stayed put and I'm trying to shape it to form a pyramid clump.

 As a rambler, it wants to carry on growing forever - and has managed to sneak out of the 'pyramid' and round the other side of the birch tree....

...and even up into the leaves! It's maybe 10 ft high and growing faster than the tree.
I rather like this weirdly-flowering tree look so for now at least the rose can stay.

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  1. I do like rambling roses, I have a yellow one.